Everything You Need to Know about Activating Roku Player Using Roku.com/link Code

Among the multitude of internet TV streaming devices available, Roku is the most popular. Roku players and Roku TV continue to push the envelope in both functionality and affordability.

Roku's entry model, the Roku LT, supports 720p HDTV, supports more than 600 internet TV channels, and allows users to create their own private TV channels. Other Roku players build upon these features by offering 4K and HDR streaming made possible by multiple processors.

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Create a Roku Account at www.Roku.com/link Before You Activate Roku Device

Before you can enjoy all these features and benefits, you must activate your Roku player or Roku TV first. Activating the Roku player is pretty much straightforward. All you have to do is link your Roku device to your Roku account.

With a Roku account, you can store all your Roku streaming devices, your channel subscriptions, and all your preferences and settings. Your Roku account is your command-and-control center where you change settings for all your Roku devices. You can create a Roku account by following the instructions on the official Roku website roku.com/link.

Enter Current Payment Information for Roku Link Code to Work

Roku Players

While creating a new account, you'll be asked to provide a payment method you'll use to buy subscriptions. Make sure you provide a valid payment method such as PayPal or major credit cards to avoid getting errors while activating your Roku player.

If you don't have a Roku account, create one now and follow the steps below to activate your Roku player.

Activate Your Roku Player Using Roku Link Code

Now that you have a Roku account, let's activate your Roku player.

First, you'll need to follow the Quick Start Guide packaged with your Roku player. The guide helps you set up your device by showing you how to connect the device with the TV using an HDMI cable as well as connecting the power cable to the device. The guide also shows you how to select the correct TV input to get to the Roku logo screen.

On the Roku screen, follow the instructions to connect the device to the internet. Most Roku players support Wi-Fi so you'll have to input your Wi-Fi password to connect it to the internet. Once the device connects to the internet, it may download a new software version.

Once everything's set up, you'll see a code on the screen. Write the code down and head over to roku.com/link on a computer and enter the code. Follow any other additional instructions on the website to activate your device. If there are no errors with the activation, your Roku player will be ready to stream your favorite channels.

Common Errors When Entering the Roku Link Code

While activating a Roku player, several errors may occur. Most of these errors happen because of a slow internet connection or entering the wrong code. Here are a few problems that might occur when activating a Roku device.

  • The Roku device doesn't show a Roku code
  • You get a "Roku Error 001" message after entering the code
  • The device freezes when entering the Roku code
  • An error pops up when entering the code

There are times when you've done everything correctly, but your Roku device does not activate. When that happens, make sure you're on the legitimate Roku website. There are malicious websites, very similar to www.roku.com/link, that trick users into revealing their details.

Solving Common Errors with Roku.com/link Code

  • If you get an error while entering the Roku code on www.Roku.com/link, enter the code a second time. Make sure you type the code exactly as it appears on the Roku player screen. Ensure you enter all capital letters and numbers.
  • If the device freezes after entering the Roku code, you may want to check your internet connection. A slow or inconsistent internet connection causes several quarks when activating a device on the roku.com/link website.
  • If these two solutions do not work, renewing the code may solve your problem. On the Roku device, navigate to Help and select "Get a new code." This generates a new code that you can use on www.Roku.com/link.
  • The activation process takes several minutes, but no more than 10 minutes. If your device is still stuck at the code screen or you get a "Roku Error 001", check your internet connection or update the software on your device.
  • Activating your Roku device is free. Enjoy thousands of movies and TV episodes streamed free to your TV today by following this simple guide to activate your Roku player.

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